We are very excited to share that VFVF® recently started a new program called The Welcome Home Project.

We were able to help this veteran, pay his Utilities so they would not get turned off he is very excited he starts a job at the VA on Thursday.


He has no means of transportation so will have to take the bus to work we were able to assist him today, VFVF® purchased a bike, so he can get to the bus stop, as it is a distance from his home. Our Thanks to Don's Bike shop in Rialto for assisting us in making this happen.


We received this from his social worker:

The Veteran loved his bike! He was very excited.

He called and left me a message; yesterday he made it to his first day of work on time. His voice was so joyful. He said his bicycle rides like a Cadillac! He was humble and expressed his gratitude. I heard a big difference in his disposition and confidence

We received this from a veteran, always nice to hear from a vet after we have been able to assist them.


We were able to bless a veteran and his family with a car on Friday thanks to Kerry Morris and one of his customers that no longer is able to drive:


Thank you, Betty Volk, for what you and the VFVF have done for my family. Your generous gift has rid our household of so much stress and uncertainty. When we were brought to you to fix our truck we were pulling our hair trying to figure out how to safely get the kids to school, me to work or all of us to church.


Our family was praying for some kind of saving grace, but none of us ever expected it to come in the form of a new (preowned) car, and the insurance to boot! This means safety for my pregnant wife and kids, certainly that we can be where we need to be, and a renewed hope in the kindness of our fellow man. No more praying against accidents, 2-hour bus trips, or despair over not being able to better ourselves.


Thank you very much, you are one of God's greatest blessings!

When we receive a letter like this it helps to remind me why I do what I do on a daily basis and how blessed I am to part of a great organization (VFVF) that allows me to help so many veterans.


But none of this would be possible without everyone that supports Volunteers for Veterans Foundation / Veterans Car Show. We appreciate and thank you all for your support.

We received this letter today from a lady veteran that we helped sometime back. She had called asking if we had any cars available I told her no we didn't.


But as always I asked what her story was she informed me that she had left a domestic violence situation, relocating in our area and that she would be moving into an apartment the next month. The day she moved in we had beds delivered for her and her child. Also arranging to have furniture delivered to her:

Hello Ms. Betty


I hope you are doing well and still changing lives! I just wanted to give you an update. I graduated today! So happy made deans list and perfect attendance! I really believe you and your volunteers have so much to do with where I am currently at it was life-changing and what I needed at the moment in order to keep pushing and not quit!!


Thank you for all you did for me as well as for my family!!!! Love you and your organization!!! I am part of the veteran association in school (secretary) I am currently working to coordinate a Veterans Day resource fair November 7th 3-5 pm maybe if possible y’all would be interested in having a booth?


I spoke about my story on June 6th at a summit and hope to continue to voice my story to make awareness for domestic violence and veterans who are homeless. You and the EDD office did so much for me and I found my true calling helping others and sharing my resources! I appreciate everything you guys did and will never have enough to say thank you! I have made a goal to be able to start donating to the organization by January.


I make sure I always spread the word that VFVF is there for veterans and how amazing you are!


Thank you ️

We were recently interviewed on K-Frog 95.1 FM 


Blue in service dog training today, this is the dog we were able to help a Veteran receive and the training for him.


Here is the story about David and his first service dog that he lost.



Today March 22, 2021, VFVF assisted with a car donation to a veteran. We want to THANK VFVF board member Gary Loop for donating this great car to Veteran Rachael. We also want to thank Cody with Les Schwab for always helping us help a veteran.​

We wish to thank all of our supporters


Because without your help, we would not have been able to help individual veterans, active military personnel, and their families in 2019 with over 80,000. Also, to donate to The Heroes Warehouse, Dog Tags For Kids, Hight Desert Marines, Riverside Honor Detail, Guitars for Vets, Military Baby Showers Loma Linda VA Veterans Centers. To create our welcome home program and support the VA's gift card program at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


To learn more of what we do, please visit us on Facebook and Instagram

The Welcome Home Project provides

Homeless Veterans who are currently participating in the VA Supportive Housing Program, and become housed with a Welcome Home box filled with various items. The box include, but is not limited to personal hygiene items like toilet paper, bar soap, washcloth; also included are kitchen items like a frying pan, cooking utensils and a dishcloth. Additionally, every box comes with a Stater Bros gift card and Walmart. This gift box is truly life changing, and means so much to our Veterans and their family.

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