Here are a few of the acknowledgements that we have received:


"Dear Betty and VFVF®, I pray this will get through to you, as I have tried since Christmas Eve to reach you and say, THANK YOU.


The gift you handed to my son and I, meant the world to both of us. i have never had someone help us as you and Mary, have. I was always the giver, never the getter. This is the second time Mary stepped up and helped my grand kids and my son. I can not find words loud enough, showing love enough, I can only from my whole heart say thank you, thank you...If I can ever help, please remember me and if I can, I WILL. God bless."


- Joy

"Volunteers for Veterans Foundation® is a wonderful organization.


As a Social Worker I have utilized their agency many times to assist my clients. They have kept so many of my Veterans from becoming homeless, getting their lights turned off and have helped with many other challenges. I cannot say enough good things about Volunteers for Veterans!"


- Sandy

"Words cannot express the gratitude we have to volunteer for veterans.


After serving 16 years, my husband was treated unfairly and had a big fight to try and get what he deserved from his time served. Myself and children moved across the country to find work and moved into a home with nothing. Volunteer for Veterans provided us with beds for my kids, a bike for my son to get to school, and a fridge. Most importantly they made us feel like we had a home and we are forever grateful!!!"


-VFVF® Acknowledgement

"Michael took care of so many people, gave of himself


when he had nothing and continued to love so many who seemed to have forgotten him when things got tough... It was long past the time that Michael got treated like the beautiful soul he is and has every bell and whistle that services meant to honor the amazing man he was and thanks to VFVF®, Michael will have just that!!!"


- VFVF® Acknowledgement

"We would like to express our gratitude to VFVF® for reaching out to the Silver Dollar Club on our behalf.


We are thankful to the Silver Dollar Club for the $500 donation. It was an interesting trip to DMV. I paid the whole $316, but after talking to one of the managers & explaining the situation a little bit, she removed $104 of penalty fees. So I only paid $212. We used the other $288 to buy groceries and put gas in the car. Thank you."


- The Bennington Family

"Thank you so much for what you did for my family,


it meant the world to me. I don't even know how to thank you. It is great to know that there are still amazing people still are willing to help Veterans 


- VFVF® Acknowledgement

Dear Volunteers for Veterans Foundation®, Betty Volk I just wanted to send a letter of appreciation for the wonderful things you do for the veterans that have a need, but the most recent specifically.


Mr. Steven Franklin. Mr. Franklin was referred by a social worker that had told me he was in emotional distress and having severe depression and medical issues and felt he did not even care to receive treatment anymore. I called the veteran, and he mentioned that one of his biggest issues was his mobility and that his scooter was old and broken and he was not able to ambulate well enough, and he did not want any help any longer. I called you Betty, and within one hour I had a scooter, free of charge to give to this veteran. Your organization also supplied two new batteries for the scooter and helped arrange for the scooter to be delivered to the veteran. Wow!! I have had several conversations with the veteran, and he sounds so much better right now, and he has re-engaged in healthcare treatment. This veteran realized there are people like you and the organization that care and that caring has led to a positive experience. Just wanted to say that VFVF® and you are always changing lives and many times never see the outcome. Just wanted you to know how valuable and appreciated both are.


- Don Sutton, Transition Patient Advocate

I am humbled and honored to be able to share my experience with VFVF….Volunteers for Veteran’s Foundation has been an instrument level of support for our Veteran community in the Inland Empire.


They have helped, supported, and changed various Veteran’s lives in ways that many have been unable to. As a VA employee, I recognize that we have various limitations and I am incredibly thankful for a “powerhouse entity of change” that we have available to us to make an impact and help meet the need.  I have personally reached out to Betty and informed her of a need and within minutes she is actively figuring out the details of the problem, not only exploring how to address, but how to prevent Veteran from experiencing the same issue.  I have worked with a multitude of non-profit organizations, but Volunteers for Veteran’s Foundation stands above the rest and is a true God sent our Veteran community in the Inland Empire.    


- Case Manager/Social Worker

As a provider, I am bound by the scope of our services and within that, there are various limitations.  I recently received a call from a homeless Veteran who was stranded on the side of the road with his broken-down vehicle. 


Unfortunately, I was unable to help with this situation.  I reached out to Betty and made her aware of the situation and within minutes,  she was coordinating with other organizations to get this Veteran and his vehicle into a safe space and address his current situation.  Since then, the Veteran’s vehicle was fixed, was provided with ample resources, and is active in the process of securing VASH housing through the Loma Linda VA Medical Center.  The advocacy and consistency of the Volunteers for Veterans Foundation have proven to be life-changing for not only this Veteran but for many others.   I am truly thankful for this lifeline in our community.  They make it possible to continue to make a difference.  Thank you.


- Case Manager/Social Worker

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